• Our Expertise

    Nutricia Research is the global R&D organisation behind the Early Life Nutrition and Advanced Medical Nutrition divisions of Danone, sharing its global mission to deliver health through food to as many people as possible. Our research and innovation areas have evolved, but we still begin with insights into nutrients and their role in optimal health, and build on that knowledge to tailor solutions for nutritional needs. For more information about Nutricia Research, visit www.nutriciaresearch.com.

    The consumer is at the heart of our innovation efforts

    At Danone Dumex Malaysia, our research & development (R&D) process is science driven and consumer centric. We put in much effort to understand consumers͛ needs and work closely with our stakeholders to identify and fulfil them.

    Our products have been nourishing Malaysian children for over 50 years. Today, we continue to offer high quality and nutritious products which are formulated to meet the nutritional requirements at different stages for children in their growing up years.

  • What research means to us

    Our R&D team in Malaysia emphasizes on 8 key areas namely innovation and renovation, nutritional research, clinical study, productivity, specification management, Halal, sensory and technical support.

    • Innovation and renovation

      Through science and technology, we tailor our products to help fulfil our consumers’ needs and create a unique consumer experience.

    • Nutritional research

      We are committed to deliver nutritionally balanced products that are adapted to the needs of local consumers.

    • Clinical study

      Our products are founded on scientific research and are designed based on the latest nutritional insights.

    • Productivity

      Our product development experts and advanced technologies ensure successful translation of scientific concepts into commercial products.

    • Specification management

      We strive to ensure that all ingredients comply with local regulations and Danone Corporate Standards, based on EU legislation.

    • Halal

      All our products are Halal-certified and comply with the Halal certification requirement of JAKIM.

    • Sensory

      Our products are tested by the latest organoleptic methodology to ensure the taste is preferred by our targeted consumers.

    • Technical support

      We strive for continuous process improvement which optimises and sustains our plant efficiency.